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The feel of the is a bit like Resident Evil Village, it has that dark and scary feel but with an action-adventure side as well. You have more chapters in the game than in the original game but just like the original, each chapter is a chance to save.

And like the newer resident evil games, you have challenges to complete throughout the game, and as you complete the challenges you’ll collect points to use later on.

It has enough of the original game for you to go “ ooo” I remember that. But with enough changes to make you feel like it is a completely different game.

You still have the classic boss fights but they are in different areas of the game. This means if you have played the original game you are going to be kept on your toes, not knowing what going to happen next.

Mysterious Shop Seller

You will meet the mysterious shop seller, who has a few new phrases up his sleeve. And new requests for you to complete throughout the game. for example, shooting rats in a certain area, and of course, shooting the blue medallions. But this time instead of getting a gun, you’ll get to draw what you can trade for different things in his shop.

The other new addition to the mysterious shop seller is the shooting range do you know shooting pirates for one and no more collecting bottle tops. You collect tokens what you can do is get charms to hang on your attaché case and these give you different abilities in the game. and while I will mention the attaché case. you can collect different colours which give you different abilities as well. Be that collecting more money throughout the game to getting a discount at the store.

Collecting Items

And as well as collecting different charms throughout the game, you can also find different accessories to accessorise your characters so for example, I have found a red wig and some red glasses, which you can use to accessorise Ashley. What I am guessing is a nod back to the original game as you could unlock different costumes for your characters, anyone remember unlocking the suit of armour for Ashley 😁 it made her invincible but also make it sound like to had a tin can following you wherever you went.

And I am happy to say you can still save the Dog / Wolf in the game, you will have to listen out for the whimpering of the dog/wolf.


Save the Dog/Wolf he will help you out later on in the game.

Don’t be in a hurry to sell the jewels that you find, you can combine them with other treasures, you find what makes them more valuable.

To get the challenge of selling a treasure of 100,000 you need to find the crown and combined with two yellow diamonds and three red beryl.

You can start a new game and use the bouse armour and weapons


Village chiefs house wardrobe code

Wheat , Pig, Baby

To collect the offering

This does depend on which one you go to 1st, so if the first code doesn’t work, try the next one

If you count the symbols around the dial and start at the very top one as number one and work your way round to number eight.

The same side of the lake you start the chapter on

The correct combination is 2 5 8

For the other side of the lake

The correct combination is 4 6 7

The Church Lights

Each time I have completed this puzzle the dials have been in the same place. But another way is to match the edges to the centre image.

The Clock In The Castle

11:04 or


Game Cost

Stream = £49.99 and deluxe £57.98

Xbox = £57.98 and deluxe £65.98

PlayStation = £54.99 and deluxe £64.99

Hard Copy

Game = £59.99

Cex = £55

Amazon = £52.99 – £54.99

Game Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Game Type

Action Adventure

Horror Survival


Console and PC

Ease of use

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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