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With this game, it can feel a little long-winded to the gamer. But that said if you enjoy murder mystery or love Agatha Christie’s books then you are going to like the game.

I found the game controls are sample with them being point and click but sometimes being annoying as you will have to wait for your character to walk from one side of the scene to the next before you can move on.


ABC Murders Walkthrough Part 1

If you would like to watch a YouTube video of part 1 Click Here

Murder A

The game starts with an opening cut scene with Poirot getting a letter from the ABC murderer and then cuts to Poirot and Hastings arriving at Andover.

And Just at the end of the cutting Poirot will say this try and not get your feet wet.

Avoiding The Puddle

Step 1

click on the upper part of the road which allows Poirot to walk past the puddle. Because we wouldn’t want to get our feet wet,

Step 2

Click on Japp what will start a conversation with him.

Japp Talking About Murder A

He will start telling you about Alice Ascher’s murder and during the conversation, you’ll get your first observation task

Japp Observation

Points to aim for are:

  1. Face
  2. His right hand
  3. Lips

Conversation Options

The Conversation options are up to you in the game. I went for “ask his opinion” but there’s no reason why you can’t say the other. But you know when you have selected the correct option because you will see a message in the top left-hand corner.

After the conversation with Japp, you will need to click on the door to Alice Ascher’s shop.

Alice Ascher’s Shop.

In the shop, first of all, click on the newspaper stand to the right of the scene and that will load up another observation scene.

Newspaper Stand.

Points to aim for are:

  1. Newspaper stand
  2. Floor middle
  3. And in the top shelf middle

Then click on the counter top

Shop Counter Top.

  1. The brown bag once you’ve clicked on the brown bag turn it so you can look inside the bag.
  2. ABC guidebook turn it so you can see the page.
  3. And then click on the counter next to the ABC guide.

Then click on the body next to the counter.

Alice’s Body

  1. The pool of blood
  2. Small box next to her hand
  3. Floor next to the body
  4. Alice’s head
  5. Alice’s body

Come out of the scene and click on the shelves above the counter.

After that, another cut scene will start with Hastings walking into the shop. Once the cutscene has finished, you will need to click on the till on the counter this will be a little puzzle to solve

Till Puzzle

First of all, turn it to the right and you’ll see a little switch for you to move it to the unlock symbol and a number 5.

On the other side, you’ll see the number 8.

Go to the buttons and press the open button that will then open the till drawer and you’ll see a number 2 in the drawer.

Use the till buttons and 8, 5, 2. Doing this will allow you do open up the secret compartment, because we need to take the key what is hidden inside.

Come out of the puzzle walk towards the door and take the key out and hover the key over the door and you’ll be in the next room.

Back of the Shop.

In this room you find a mirror click on the mirror and Poirot checks his moustache. By doing this you will receive ego points.

After that click on the White stove in the corner of the room, you’ll get an observation scene.

The White Stove Corner.

Points to aim for are:

  1. The white stove
  2. Plate and cups
  3. Tap on the wall

Click on the bedside cabinet

Bedside Cabinet.

Points to aim for are:

  1. Pillow
  2. Handkerchief on the bedside cabinet
  3. Photo lying down on the bedside cabinet and then just turn it so you can see the photo.

After that click on the box in the middle of the room on the table.

Steps to solve the box puzzle.

Box Puzzle.

  1. Turn the box so you can see the bottom and click on it because this will load up the bottom. Which then will allow you to move the wooden panels on the bottom.
  2. Move the panel on the right up.
  3. Bottom panel along to the right.
  4. Left panel down.
  5. Top panel to the left.
  6. Press the button.

The Side Of The Box.

After you have come out of that screen because you will need to turn the box around to the opposite side. And you will need to slide the bottom panel to the left and press the button underneath the panel.

Now turn the box back to the smaller side and slide the middle panel to the right because you will need to press the button underneath the panel.

Once it’s done you’ll be able to turn the box back to the previous side and slide the top panel to the left and press the button underneath the panel.

Now that’s done Poirot will say “that should do it” after that you go to the top of the box and slide the lid to the left. Inside the box, you’ll find a photo of Alice’s niece.

As soon as you take the photo of Alice’s niece, you will get a short cuts scene with Japp coming in and asking Poirot if he has found anything useful. Poirot will show him the photo, and then he’ll go off to try and find the niece.

Cupboard Puzzle

Once that’s done click on the last item in the room which is the cupboard next to the wall.

This is another puzzle click on the top and you will zoom in on the little maze. Poirot says that the rose should be in the centre and that’s your task for this puzzle.

  1. First move the second ring down one click.
  2. Move the rosebud to the second ring.
  3. Move the third ring down to places.
  4. Move the rosebud out onto the third ring and then on up back to the second ring.
  5. Move the third ring back one place.
  6. Move the rosebud from the centre ring on to third ring and into the centre
  7. Then that puzzle is done.

Come out of the puzzle in one step, so you can look at the pictures next to the rose puzzle. Remember the direction of each picture bird because you will need you moved to the front of the pictures on the cabinet to the same position.

  1. Bottom left corner picture will turn it so the bird’s head is facing to the left
  2. In the top left corner turn the picture so the bird’s head is facing the floor
  3. Bottom right corner keep the bird’s head facing upwards
  4. Top right turn the picture so the bird looks like it’s lying on its back

Inside The Cupboard.

Points of interest for are:

  1. The bottle and you will need to turn it around, so you can read the label
  2. The letter and you will need to turn it over, so you can read the letter

Now it’s time to sum up or try and get your grey cells to work

Little Grey Cells

For this section of the game, you just need to answer the questions from the statements or conclusions in the game.

Question 1

Is theft the motive for the crime?


  1. The tool is untouched and is full of money
  2. No objects of value in the shop


Theft is not the motive for the crime

After the Poirot will tell you that he’s searched everywhere and he wants to search the shop again and its surroundings.

The Fruit Seller.

Move back to the shop, and outside you will see the fruit seller. Go to the fruit seller and start the observing her.

Observations of the fruit seller

Points to aim for are:

  1. Cigarette in hand
  2. Astray on the stall
  3. Box of matches

Talking to the fruit seller,

The questions to ask:

  1. Ask her how much a lettuce is?
  2. Accuse her of lying
  3. Ask her to cooperate.
  4. Say that she went into the tobacco shop.
  5. Accuse her of murdering Alice Ascher.
  6. Ask what she saw in the tobacco shop?

And that will be the end of that conversation.

Going back to Ascher’s Shop.

Go back to Ascher’s shop, Japp will be waiting outside. He will tell you that he’s found the niece and she is waiting in the back of the shop.

After that you have to try and get your little grey cells to work again.

Little Grey Cells

Question one

Was Miss Ascher killed on site?


  1. Pool of blood Near her head
  2. No other marks on the floor


She was killed on site

Questioning Mary Drower

Go back into the shop and out to the back

Now you need to question the niece Mary Drower

Observations of Mary Drower

Points to aim for are:

  1. Handkerchief
  2. Chest
  3. Nose

Talking to Mary Drower


  1. Ask about her relationship with her aunt”
  2. Click on ask if her aunt had children”
  3. Ask if Alice was afraid of her husband
  4. If Alice was alright
  5. If Her aunt had a reason to help her husband

Hastings will come into the back of the shop and takes Mary Drower home.

Franz Ascher

Go back to the shop front and Alice’s husband walks in knocks items off the shelf.  Japp walks in behind him and says “we have to wait for him to sleep it off”.

And Poirot says “we have to find a way to sober him up”.

Click on the shelf what Franz Ascher knocked over

The Second Shelf In Alice Ascher’s Shop

Points to aim for are:

  1. Click on the book and turn it around to read the pages
  2. Click on the books and Poirot says it’s a box of stockings

Sober up Franz Ascher

Now you will need to go back outside and talk to the fruit seller again.

  • Ask her to explain

Once that conversation is finished with click on the bottle of vinegar

Little Grey Cells

Now it’s time to get the little grey cells to work.

Questions 1

Can we establish the time range during which Mrs. Ascher was killed?


  1. The body was found at about 11 pm
  2. Mrs Ascher was seeing a live at 5:30 pm


Alice Ascher was killed between 5:30 pm and 11 pm in the evening

Question 2

Can we reduce this time range and why?


  1. The fruit seller did not see anybody in the shop at 6 pm
  2. Because of the counter the body was not visible from the tobacco shop’s door.


Alice Asher was killed between 5.30pn and 6 pm.

Now go back to the shop to question Franz Ascher

You will need to take out the bottle of vinegar hover it over Franz Ascher. This will start a cut scene

Observations of Franz Ascher

Points to aim for are:

  1. Black eye
  2. Lip
  3. Torn sleeve


  1. Ask what he was doing yesterday evening
  2. Accuse him of drunkenness
  3. Make fun of him being beaten up

Little Grey Cells

Now it’s time to get the little grey cells to work.

Question 1

What was Mrs Asher doing when she was killed?


  1. A packet of cigarettes was found near the body
  2. Packets in the muddle on the shelf
  3. She had one wound on the back of her head


She was taking a packet of cigarettes from the shelf.

Watch a little cut scene.

And let get little grey cells to work again.

Question one

How do you explain the presence of an ABC guide on the counter?


  1. No railway guides for sale in the tobacco shop
  2. There are no fingerprints on the guide
  3. Letter signed ABC announcing the Andover murder


It was left by the murderer as a signature.

Watch the cut scene.

Reconstruct the murder.

Now it’s time to reconstruct the murder.

  1. Advance
  2. Ask for
  3. Turnaround

Watch the Cut scene.

Poirot will now go back to London.

Watch the cut scene

The postman knocks at the door!

Thank you for reading fellow gamers!

See you on the next walk!

Murder A

Murder B

Murder C

Murder D

Alternant Ending


It helps if you know the character and read Agatha Christie’s books to play the game, especially The ABC Murders. As this game covers the little peculiarities of the character of Hercule Poirot.

To get extra ego points look into every mirror and in some scenes, you can look into the mirror more than once.

And don’t forget to bring your little grey cells.

Game Type

Adventure game

Game Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Ease of use

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Mobile game,

PlayStation 4,

Nintendo DS,

Xbox One,


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