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I remember having a lot of fun with this game especially using the g-con 45 gun with the game, but now with the improvements in technology we can no longer use the g-con 45 but you can use a normal controller (Capcom please make a VR version)!!! It is not hard to use the normal controller with the game and you still have fun play the game.

You start the game as a character, who has lost his memory in the middle of an outbreak (Not a good place to be). With your gun, you set out to find out what happen to you.

Resident Evil Survivor is set after the Racoon City incident is on Sheena Island


The game is design for the player to use a g-con 45 but you can use a standard controller.

The game has three different paths to choose from the arcade, Hospital and Library. Each path taken will change the game cut scenes.

To get the rocket Launcher you will need to complete the game on normal setting and recivice S rank at the end of the game


On its way

Game Cost

Cex £28 on PlayStation  

Game Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Game Type

1st person shooter



Ease of use

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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