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Now I have played the full game I can say it does not disappoint.

It is done in the style of resident evil 7. Ethan Winters coming back as your main character. The game is set after resident evil 7, Ethan has settled down with his wife Mia. But something happens to change the happy ever after story ending from resident evil 7 (if you choose to save Mia in Resident Evil 7)

Ethan seems to be searching for his daughter Rose and he goes through the game trying to save her.

I will say it does remind me of resident evil 4 & 6 as you have the merchant and a suitcase to put your items in. And one of the bosses in the game reminds me a lot of Leon’s boss fight with Simmons.

I do love the fact you have the merchant name duke in this game who seems to know the merchant from the fourth game. And it is a nice homage to resident evil 4.

From what I said in the review for the demo, Yes we should just shoot the old lady in the village.

But on the whole, I enjoy the game and would say for everyone to buy the game. You do not need to be a hardcore fan of the resident evil series.

As the game carries on from resident evil 7. Who can choose to recap what happens in the 7th game what help if you have not played the game before.

You are also with the purchase of resident evil village you are going to get resident evil re:verse.


You will have challenges when you play through the game what are link to the PlayStation trophies

A lot of the trophies or challenges are easy to get when playing through the game. but some you will have you go out of your way to get.

when you first play through the game you will not see the list of challenges until you finish the game for the first time.

Once you finish you get to spend the points you earned from completing the challenges and one of the things you can unlock is The Mercenaries which is an extra game. As well as unlocking infinite ammo on weapons you have fully upgraded and customized in the story.

Go to the Challenges Page for More Details


Free upgrade to PS5, plus a gold version coming out. Which include vr2 and 3rd person mode and a DLC.

To get the goooaaal challenges you need to move the yellow ball from the bedroom to the study you can do this just after you put Rose in her cot.

Aim for the head of their original bodies on the mutated Dimitrescu fight and on the mutated Moreau fight.

Aim for the orange light on the big enemies in the stronghold and the smaller enemies aim for the head.


Resident Evil Village Trailer

Demo Gameplay

Game Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Game Type

Survival horror

Ease of use


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Console & pc

Game Cost

It dose depends on what version you go for example standard or special addition

The standard addition on:

 Playstation store is £54.99

Xbox is £59.99

Amazon UK is £59.99

Steam is £49.99

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