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The game starts at 221b Baker Street with Sherlock being depressed, wanting a crime to solve and then jumping to the streets of London 31st of August 1888 (Whitechapel). I enjoyed the mix of fiction and history.

Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes stay on the trail of Jack The Ripper.

The game does have an error in the gameplay, but once you know how to overcome it. It’s still an enjoyable game.


Press the space bar to see the objects you can click on to interact with.

Press R or click the wheel button on your mouse to change from 3rd to 1st person and back again.

Double-click to make your characters run.

Remember to go into your infantry and click on the item and then click on the person you want to give it to.

You can only use the keyboard move buttons when in first person view.


Part 1

  • The beginning
  • Find The Map
  • Finding the boarding House
  • Talking to Lucy
  • Talking to Wiggins
  • Finding The Captain
  • Go To The Clinic

Part 2

  • Opening The Police Bag
  • To Buck’s Row
  • Buck’s Row Murder Scene
  • Murder re-enactment
  • Buck’s Row Deduction Board
  • Murderer’s Motives

Part 3

  • Dr Watson in Whitechapel
  • Finley’s boarding house
  • Lucy’s is lodging
  • Brothel
  • Search for the missing cane
  • To the clinic
  • The cane puzzle

Part 4

  • Hanbury Street
  • Annie’s crime scene
  • Annie’s deduction board
  • Dr Watson to the police station
  • Richardson’s Testimony
  • Testimony pieces puzzle
  • Finley’s Boarding House

Part 5

  • Cobbler’s Shop
  • Clinic
  • Brothel
  • Wasp’s Nest Pub

Part 6

  • Timeline of Annie Chapman’s murder
  • The Possible motive/s of the crime
  • London Hospital
  • Heart Jar Puzzle
  • Desk Puzzle

Part 7

  • Getting a disguise
  • Wasp’s Nest pub floor Puzzle
  • Talking to Bluto
  • Finley’s Boarding House finding all the parts at Finley’s
  • Inside the hideout.
  • To the cobbler’s shop
  • To the Pet Shop
  • Get the Mask from the snake
  • The gas pipes puzzle
  • Save the cat

Part 8

  • First time meeting Danny
  • The Bookshop
  • Perfume analyse
  • Back to the police station
  • To the pet shop!
  • Talk to the cat meat seller
  • Inside the police station
  • Wasp’s Nest pub

Part 9

  • Decipher the message
  • Wharfdale Road
  • In the cellar
  • Leaving the Cellar
  • Going through the window
  • Metal Box Puzzle

Part 10

  • Central News
  • Phone Puzzle
  • Giving the information
  • To the Whitechapel police station
  • Wasp’s Nest Pub
  • Dr Tumblety’s Trunk Puzzle

Part 11

  • Hanbury St.
  • Finding the Butcher’s Key
  • The Simple Key
  • To Fletcher’s Butcher Shop
  • How to open the Butcher’s Storeroom
  • Finding the correct Knives.
  • Sherlock’s Experiment 1
  • Sherlock’s Experiment 2
  • Sherlock’s Experiment 3
  • Selecting the correct Knife
  • The Wasp’s Nest
  • Talking to PC Smith

Part 12

  • Dutfield’s Yard
  • Liz Stride’s timeline
  • Liz Stride’s Murder Scene
  • Liz stride Deduction Board
  • Mitre Square
  • Mitre Square Timeline
  • Catherine Eddowes deduction Board.

Part 13

  • Goulston Street
  • The Ripper’s Message
  • Finding the water can
  • How to get the water can
  • Baker Street
  • Finding the items for the mannequins.
  • Selecting the correct information for the Mannequins.
  • Dressing the mannequins.
  • What is the ripper’s age
  • What do you think the killer will do

Part 14

  • Find the item to draw on the map
  • Drawing an ellipsis PC Version
  • Drawing the second circle.
  • News agency.
  • Correct labels on the dispatch boxes.
  • How to open the envelope

Part 15

  • Put in the first victim on the map
  • Talking to Doctor Tumblety
  • Millers Court
  • Clay model puzzle
  • Breaking into the Imperial club
  • Inside the Imperial club
  • Open in the safe
  • Inside the safe

Part 16

  • Leaving the imperial Club
  • General Deductions Board
  • Who is Jack The Ripper
  • Sherlock explains
  • Catching Jack The Ripper

Game Cost


Xbox 360 = £6

PC = £1


Download = £8.99

Game Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Game Type

Mystery / Adventure


PC / Xbox

Ease of use

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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