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Demiguise locations

Collecting the Demiguise statues is a side quest but it does allow you to learn a handy spell Alohomora, the unlocking spell. With this spell you will be able to unlock different locations within the game and chests.

The more Demiguise statues you collect the higher the Alohomora spell level you can unlock

First you need to collect nine Demiguise statues. Sadly the three you find during the quest do not count as a part of the nine.

First 9 Demiguise statues

Statues NumberStatues AreaStatues Location
1Hogwarts Next to mr moon at the of the quest (dose not count towards your first nine).
2HogwartsPrefects bathroom (dose not count towards your first nine).
3HogwartsHospital wing (dose not count towards your first nine).
4Hogwarts Astronomy WingProfessor fig’s office by the fireplace
5Hogwarts library AnnexRestricted section in the library just before the last door
6Hogwarts library AnnexOn professor onai’s desk in the divination classroom
7Hogwarts south wing (that peeves comes out of it )has a level 1 lockGo into the middle toilet. This will lead into a bigger room. And you’ll find the statue next to the boiler.
8 Hogwarts the great HallSide room off of the great hall on the lower the level has a level 1 lock on the door
9North Hogsmeade dervish and bangesOn the desk
10 South Hogsmeade Tomes and scroll Lower floor in the side room behind the main desk
11Hogsmeade, three broomsticksHighest level in the three broomsticks in the private room
12 West Hogsmeade, hogs head In the back room
Demiguise statues Locations

You should have the nine Demiguise statues go back to Mr Moon in the castle. This will unlock levels 2 Alohomora and now you will need to find 13 more Demiguise statues.

The Next 13 Demiguise statues

Statues NumberStatues AreaStatues Location
13Hogwarts, beast classroomThe room above the classroom you will need level 2 alohomora
14Hogsmeade northIn a house opposite brood and peck

In a house next to the three broomsticks on the right when looking at the map has a level 1 lock

16Upper Hogsmeade Hamlet In a locked house with a wheel leaning against the wall
17Hogwarts, The library, AnnexIn the long gallery, the (long gallery is easier to find from the classroom. Go to the end of the corridor and to the bottom of the stairs, and there would be a locked door to open from there. You’re in the long gallery).
Halfway down, there is a level two door. Open the door and straight in front of you is the Demiguise.
18Hogwarts gound level of the defence against the dark arts towerThrough the doorway. It has two talking goggles on either side of it.
19Hogwarts bell tower hall Go all the way down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Carry on going down the stairs on the other side of the sleeping dragon follow the corridor around and open the door on your left. You’ll be in Muggle studies class. It will have a level one lock on the door.
You have been the in this area on my main quest before you had to find the moons.
20Hogwarts north Wall exitAt the exit turn back towards the castle, and on your left side. Follow the path around past the double doors and the stairs. And in the stair wall, you’ll find a locked door and a Demiguise.
21West HogsmeadeHouse next to J Pippin’s potion shop has a level 2 lock
22North hogsmeade In a house behind hogsmeade square with a cauldrons stacked at the front of the house. Level 1 lock.
23South hogsmeadeBehind Ollivander’s shop in a house with a level 2 lock go up the stairs to the top of the house.
24Lower HogsfieldGate take the middle path towards the house and just through the door on the left-hand side is the statue.
13 Demiguise statues

You should have the 13 Demiguise statues go back to Mr Moon in the castle. This will unlock levels 3 Alohomora

If you want to get the trophy.

Statues NumberStatues AreaStatues Location
25FeldcroftHead to the well from there face east and you will see a house in front of you unlock the level 2 lock and it is sitting on the window seal.
26IrondaleAlthea Twiddle’s house she is sitting outside it is inside the house behind the counter
27Keenbridge In a house behind Fatimah Lawang
28BrocburrowIn the house to the left of Eddie Thistlewood (when facing him). It is on the floor to the left.
29 AranshireIn the house next to the jump point, it will have a level 1 lock on it Just go up the stairs
30Pitt-upon-FordFrom the jump point follow the path around until you see a coach in the front garden (before the Stonebridge) on the right side, go inside the house until the very top.
31MarunweenFrom the jump point take the path to the right and when you see notice board you should have a house on your left side with four cauldron stacked up outside into this house. You’ll have a level one lock and a dummy dice is just behind the counter.
32CragcroftYou need to find Bella Navarro shop keeper. Go into the house next to her and up the stairs
33BainburghGo to Agnes Coffey shop then face north and the house in font of you will have the Demi
Demiguise statues trophy.

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