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In Stray, you play the game as a cat, a cat which has got lost in a city. And this city seems to be deserted.

I have to say I was blown away by the level of detail they have put into the game.

One the details of how the cat behaves in the game, the movement of cat the way it walks, runs and gets afraid. Is so like the real world’s cat, it must have taken a long time of studying how a cat moves. And the sound effects of the cat are pretty realistic at some points of the game. my cats were looking around for the cat.

The details of the city are as well stunning and you can see a lot of work has gone into the game.

Will there be a sequel?

Yeah, there could be a sequel.

We found out at the end of the game this is city number 99, so even if this is the last city built. It would mean there are another 98 cities out there.


Most of the time the route you need to go is marked out for you. But sometimes it is Worth going the wrong way.

Talk to anyone you meet there and will try to help you.


First door in scientist lab. 3748

The hidden room 2511

The safe next to the Musician. 1283


In the store with the customer complaining outside code 8542

Music Sheet Locations

Music SheetLocation
1 Is in Momo’s flat in the bathroom on the shelf.
2 From the marketplace for one energy can
3In Elliot’s flat (where you get the tracker fixed) ground floor on the painting of a robot is, straight in front of you as you go through the door
4In the top level of the bar on the middle table
5On the balcony with two chairs and a table the music sheet is on the table, the balcony has two L shape concrete edges.
6Clementine’s room next to the bed in the book shelf
7 In the library next to the librarian is a piano climb on top and it will be sitting there.
8The safe is near the musician to find the safe all you. Walk past the musician and there is an alley on the left side with a safe
music sheets locations

Can Locations

Can NumberCan Locations
1The white vending machine opposite the musician
2The vending machine next to the R I P humans
3when you see a robot watching telly in the alleyway go up the little steps next to him, then turn around and you should see one wooden platform. Jump on the platform and curry on jumps the other platforms until you see a balcony beneath you jump down and there’s another vending machine
4 There would be a random vending machine on the balcony next to the rooftop with the TV and remote where you can watch the telly and change the channels on the way to one of the outsider’s books (the one with docs book in the Safe).
can locations

Badge Locations

Badge NameLocations
OutsidersGiven to you as part of the game
Music noteGiven to you after you give all the music sheets to the musician
Plant badge Find and give the three plants to the gardener at the top of the ant village.
Cat badge In the store in midtown with the customer complaining on the outside inside the safe
Police badgeIn midtown next to the clothing store there are shelves to climb up carry on going until you see a bared cell window go through and search the body on the floor
Nero badge In midtown inside the factory, you will see a worker looking over the railings. Go over and talk to him, he will tell you about losing his keys. Carry on going through the factory and when you’ve got to jump on barrels in the first part (before the archway) jump to the corner and you’ll find the keys there take them back to the worker and you get the badge.

Badge 5 =

Badge 6 = in midtown inside the factory you will see you’re working looking over the railings talk to him and you find out he’s lost his keys carry on going through the factory and you will come to metal box has been carried along and you have to dodge the cameras at the end of this area you’ve got barrels to jump on in the first part jump to the corner and you’ll find the keys there take them back to the worker and you get badge.


On its way

Game Cost

PlayStation = £24.99 or free with PlayStation plus extra and premium

Steam = £23.99

Game = £34.99 pre-order hard copy

Game Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Game Type



Console and PC

Ease of use

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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