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So far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the game. Know, I’ve only done a little part of the game graphics are brilliant but say this game has been well worth the wait.

It’s your first year at Hogwarts but you are starting as a 5th year and you get sorted into your house

Sorting ceremony Screenshot.
From Hogwarts Legacy and PlayStation screenshot.

With your character’s background story being a little unusual. And with the intro of the game. You are left with most mysteries and questions to discover your own character’s backstory.

As well as attend your lessons and right at the beginning that you are told about your O.W.Ls to take at the end of the year.

And of course Harry Potter game wouldn’t be complete without having to collect items as you go around the school and this game. Does it with a bit of class as you go around the school, casting spells to find the hidden items and solving puzzles and riddles.

You can customise your characters so their looks can be unique and give you your character, and their own name, not as many options as say cyberpunk, but I think that’s good a thing in my opinion.

Hogwarts Legacy characters customization page.
From Hogwarts legacy.


When being sorted into your Hogwarts house for sorting hat, will recommend a house, but you can go back and choose which ever house you want to join.

There are a lot of side quests in the game. Use them to level up.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will recognise a few names in the game.

You will need this code table below to access secret rooms around Hogwarts. Please Click on the link to learn how to open the Arithmancy Doors

Code table from Hogwarts legacy

When catching beasts you don’t need to catch loads of the same type but if you. You can sell them in Hogsmeade.

The game has 33 demiguise locations and finding all of them gives you a trophy. If you need the locations click on the links on this page

When riding a broomstick or beast, cast revelio. And you will get a lot more information on where things are than if you are on the ground.

The easiest way to get 100 combination hits is to fight against inferius. Just don’t use any fire spells, only use your basic cast. Dodge or block whenever get near you.

whenever they get near you


Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay

Game Cost

Steam = pre-order £49.99 & pre-order deluxe £59.99

PlayStation Store= PS4 Version £59.99 PS5 Version £64.99 and Deluxe £74.99

Xbox =Xbox Series X|S £64.99 and Deluxe £74.99

Game Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Game Type

Action, Adventure, RPG


Console and PC

Ease of use

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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