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A great game

It is very different from the original game. As I always found it to be more of a puzzle game. With having to remember where you have seen round disc. why have you even found a battery and what is it for?

Where is the remote is more of a just action-adventure/survival you are set on your path and the way you go

It is nice to see a great take on a classic game. In Resident Evil 3 you play as Jill Valentine. Who is trying to escape from Raccoon city when the T virus has overrun the city and everyone is turning into zombies.

But Jill has another problem she is being followed by Nemesis. Thankfully she has backup in the form of Carlos who is a member of umbrellas military service.


Now has free upgrade to the next gen console.

The safe codes and locker codes are the same in the police station as in resident evil 2 remake.

Remember to use R1 to Dodge incoming attacks.

In the shop you can buy weapons and different items to improve your character but you must have the right amount of points

To get more points you need to complete the challenges in record menu

Game Ranks


S rank = 02:30:00 save 5

A rank = 02:30:00


S rank = 02:00:00 saves 5

A rank = 02:00:00


S rank = 01:45:00 saves 5

A rank = 01:45:00


The Safe in the upstairs storage room

Left 9 Right 3 Left 7

West Office Safe

Right 9 Left 15 Right 7

Waiting Room

Left 6 right 2 left 11

Nurse Station Safe

Right 9 Left 3

Locker 2nd Floor


Locker 3rd Floor


Train Station Control

RE 01

FA 02

RA 03

SA 02

FO 01

Item Locations

Charlie dolls locations

1st Charlie doll

Between red and blue newspaper stands

After the car and nemesis scene and you see Carlos break open the door. Don’t follow him (he will wait for you), turn around and run up the stairs you will see the newspaper stands.

2nd Charlie doll

is on the shelf in the upstairs storage room.

Where you unlock the safe, on the farthest side from the safe. Sitting on the shelf.

3rd Charlie doll

In the Train control room

This one is under the table.

4th Charlie doll

In the restaurant

Behind the counter on the shelf next to the microwave

5th Charlie doll

In the power station control room as you are about to leave to turn on the substations stop before the door and turn around and he will be sitting on top of the cupboard.

6th Charlie doll

In the toy shop in between other the toys


7th Charlie doll

In the sewers by the yellow ladder going up to the Lab before you climb the ladders look to your left through the bars is a Charlie doll behind the metal bars

8th Charlie doll

In Sewer is as you’re going up the stairs to leave the sewers turn around on the stairs and you’ll see the trolley door in front of you

9th Charlie doll

Behind The gun shop in the house that you cut through the entrance door straight ahead of you

Police station

10th Charlie doll

After shooting at Brad don’t go into the police station, turn around and go down the stairs and up the next set of stairs. And the Charlie doll will be sitting on a small wall, on the left-hand side

11th Charlie doll

Inside of the Police Station in the weapons room (safe deposit room) on the shelf far corner.

When playing has Jill again

12th Charlie doll

Go into the room passed the save room and there will be cells with a small group of zombies. Kill them all and look in the second call. The doll is sitting under the bench

13th Charlie doll

Clock tower square next to the green van before the fight with nemesis.

Hospital playing as Carlos

14th Charlie doll

Is at the end of the corridor sitting on top of a hospital trolley after leaving the reception.

15th Charlie doll

On the second floor of the hospital when entering onto the roof through the double doors the trolley door is just behind the right double door

16th Charlie doll

From nurse’s station through the single door with a broken out from. go through that door and just behind the single door is a bin if you look in the bin there’s your Charlie doll

Playing as Jill

17th Charlie doll

In the underground area of the hospital before you use the lift is a forklift truck if you look on the truck will find you next to Charlie Doll.

18th Charlie doll

When are you are hunting down the three fuses you’ll come to an area just off to the zombie dogs where you have to squeeze between the two shelves when you have a squeeze between them Walker step forwards or two and on your right-hand side you’ll see your Charlie doll sitting on the shelf

Nest 2

19th Charlie doll

This Charlie doll is on the balcony attached to the room when you pick up the key USB, right in the corner

20th Charlie doll

Is in a little side room connected to Lab one where you pick up one part of the vaccine.

Is in a little side room connected to Lab one where you pick up one part of the vaccine.


Once you complete the game you unlock the shop


On its way

Game Cost

PlayStation store = £13.99

Steam = £32.99

Xbox = £13.19

Game Pre-Owned Game = £17.99

CEX Pre-Owned Game = £18 – £15

Game Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Game Type



Console and PC

Ease of use

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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