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Days after is a game. Set after some apocalyptic event, the world now has monsters running around trying to eat you. You’re left to survive and defend yourself in the wild.

In the game, you have to collect supplies. To build tools or to build a shelter. And you will meet new characters. Which you either have to save, or trade with them. And some people will try and kill you.

When you are attacked by a monster or an enemy. You will take health damage and armour my damage. So in the game, you will have to constantly rebuild or make. Your clothing as well as weapons. And this keeps you hunting for more supplies.

As well. You have your own area. To hunt for basic supplies. But once the area is cleared of supplies, they don’t return, unlike surrounding areas where they respawn after so many hours. You also collect dogs out in the wild. Once you have built a kennel with the supplies you find you can help them, and they will help you with different perks of looking after your Home area.

I feel all I’ve been quite impressed with. The game has brilliant graphics for a mobile game. And it keeps you coming back for more. With a countdown on. The responding areas. You have more areas to unlock. And you can buy Better weapons. I’ve is with in-game currency. All. With real money. The choice is yours.


Make sure you build. A few crates. As a first, you have a few things to build. What you would want to keep in your base area and your character supplied?

Game Cost

Free but has in-game purchases

Game Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Game Type




Ease of use

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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