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This game originally was a mobile game, and I would say it is a great game to start on your morning commute. And then come back to it on your evening commute.

As for it on a console, you can have the game running in the background while playing another game and come back to the game when you feel like it. But why would you?

It feels like it is just lacking and will not keep your interest for long. With the mobile version, you will at fewer get events every so often but with the console version.

I would add to this by saying, that Adventure Capitalist is a game that should have stayed on the mobile platform.


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For the playstation 5

You will need to close the game by pressing the option on the game in the home and selecting the close game. After that go to the time and date setting and move the date forwards. Now go back to the game and you have gained the money. What you would have collected normally through that passage of time. But remember to close the game each time you change the time. Because otherwise, this cheat will not work.

I have not tried this cheat on the PlayStation 4 but I can’t see why it will not work on the system.

For Mobiles

I have tried the cheat above on mobiles and it works just as well as the console cheat. but remember to close the game on your phone otherwise the cheat will not work.

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