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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is set before the MMORPG Star Wars the old republic

Star Wars Knights of the old republic is a Role Play Game and you start the game by choosing your character’s sex, look and job. There are three jobs to choose from a soldier, a scout and a scoundrel, with the soldier being the most easiest role to choose.

After that you get to set up your character’s attributes you can set them up manually or let the system set them for you.

I have played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic on a couple of different platforms and enjoyed the game on both. But I would say the best platform is PC. Not only can you get the cheats to work what makes it easier to get all the different ends to the game, and there are a few different character arcs. It’s just fun to shoot the highs level lighting early on in the game.

With the mobile platform, it becomes a great portable game but remember to save the game more often as it is easy to load up another app on your phone. And you wouldn’t like to lose your progress in the game.


Ender Spire

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Decide whether to go to the light side or the dark side. Staying in the middle or the grey will just make your character weak

You can still get the cheats to work on the PC versions but remember to save the readme file and make a copy of the readme file. Just in case anything goes wrong.

*news update there is going to be a remastered version on its way*


PC Game

First of all, you will need to activate the cheats in the game. you will need to find the swkotor Configuration setting file. That will depend on where you got the game from. For now, we will say you got it from So the file path will look something like it. C: > program > GalaxyClient > Games > Star Wars – KotOR

Where to find the configuration file
Where to enter the enable cheats

When you found the file open it up and in the Game Option section type in EnableCheats=1. Then save the file and load up the game and start a new game or load a game.

Press the button under the Esc button (on some keyboards its ~ or it can be `¬ and that will load the cheats console on the screen from there you will be able to enter codes.

Cheats Codes Resaled
givecredits (amount)gives the player credits
addlightside (amount)gives the character light side points
adddarkside (amount)gives the character dark side points
healheals the character
addexpadds expaies to the character
givecomspikesgives player computer spikes
giverepairgives player repair parts
givemedgives player med packs
restartminigamerestart mini games (bike races)
giveitem (item name)give player item
settreatinjury (Amount)sets players treat injury
setcomputeruse (Amount)sets players computer use
setdemolitions (Amount) sets players demolitions
setstealth (Amount) sets players stealth
setawareness (Amount) sets players awareness
setpersuade (Amount) sets players persuade
setrepair (Amount) sets players repair
setsecurity (Amount) sets players security
setstrength (Amount) sets players strength
setdexterity (Amount) sets players dexterity
setconstitution (Amount) sets players constitution
setintelligence (Amount) sets players intelligence
setwisdom (Amount) sets players wisdom
setcharisma (Amount) sets players charisma

Game Cost

The game cost seems to be around £9.99 but I would try as the website often have sales.

Apple Store £8.99

Google Play £8.49

Xbox £9.19

Game Type


Game Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ease of use

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


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