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Resident evil revelations two is a fun game to play with hidden items for each character to find and gives you extra hours of playtime this game is set after a resident evil five and runs up to just before resident evil six so some of the rate mode maps look like the maps from resident evil six when you are in China.

Overall this is a good resident evil game to play with a solo or co-op campaign and has a raid mode that you can play. and overall feels better than the first revelations game.

When this game first came out it had weekly episode releases that’s why you have reviews and previews after completing an episode

Each episode has two parts first you play as Claire and Moria then as Barry and Natalia. Between the two parts, there is a six month time gap.

Throughout the episodes do you have items to collect

Claire and Barry both have tower emblems to shoot and are shared between both parts of the episode. With Moria collecting Kafka drawing to find with a torch and Natalia has bugs to find


Two Ending to this game.

It all revolve around the final boss fight in episode three. To get the good end Moria has to pick up the gun (she over comes her fear). To get the bad ending Claire picks up the gun.

The game has a co-op mode.

also has skill settings which are different skills for your characters to use in the game.

Collectable Items

Episode one

Tower emblems

1 When you climb down to get the key to get the gun, you will see the tower emblem half way down the ladder. I used a boom to get this emblem.

2 Just after the overseer talks to you for the first time and heading toward the exit door. In the dome roof

3 In the room where the torture devices is. just after you boost moria up to the second level, if you turn around and look back into the room you’ll see the next tower emblem

4 On the Side of the wooden bridge

5 After climbing up the side of the cliff you’ll see a set of stairs on your left and a block door ahead of you carry on going straight to the blocked door and in between the two barrels you’ll find a tower emblem

6 In the area when Natalia first starts pointing out where the monsters are there is a group of three monsters to the right of the room once you’ve killed them all. Walk down that area and the emblem is hiding on the right side in between two barrels.

7 In the forest area at the second lit up area behind the rock. Or about the middle of the map with one rock at the centre

8 In the Woodman yard after you’ve turned on the power or the crane. You need to run to the next house for the controls just before you went to the house on the left-hand side behind a pile of wood use of boom to destroy it

Kafka drawing

(Moria only can find the drawing)

1 when you use the torch to find the keys So Claire can shoot the keys down. When going back to the ladder A monster will jump out kill them and go back in the room and on the wall will be another drawing.

2 when you first find the crowbar Check the wall close to the door only Moria can open and the shelves.

3 The same room that has a box for Moria to open look at the walls and yours find another drawing

4 After turning on the power make your way back and the monster will jump out at you go in the room he jumps out of and you will find your next drawing.

5 once you leave the prison shine the torch above the main gate

6 after you cross the bridge move to the right side of the bridge I don’t know bottom panel you’ll find your next drawing

Insect Larvae

On its way

Episode two

Tower emblems

1 behind the bar in the village below the stairs

2 On a Chimney in the centre of the fishing village

3 As You enter the town look at the block of flats and in one of the windows is the emblems

4 when leaving the hospital area and after you stop the gate with a crate. Under the stairs, once you cross the bridge.

5 before you follow Natalia by jumping to the next building look into the gap between and you should find the next

6 In the burnout house on a bream

7 When you’re on top of the houses and looking for a key check the rocks

8 In the building what looks like a hotel and has elevator go to the second floor and have Natalia crawl through Vent unlock the door and kill any enemies in the room and the emblem will be sitting on the shelf.

9 When you make it inside the tower in the first room towards the exit to the next turn around and look up and you’ll see the medallion next to a crime on a broken floor

Kafka Drawing

1 on the bar sign in the fishing village

2 on the back side of the helicopter

3 after lifting the rock, in the sewer towards the town end where you break barrels on the wall

4 when you have a door to open with your crowbar. Next to take door around this area you get attack by dogs

5 in the room in the hospital area as you go up the stairs on the right side of the room with a box what only Natalia can open

6 after you meet up with Natalia and you gone through the little office as you go down the stairs it’s just on the upper ceiling of the stairs

Insect Larvae

on its way

Episode three

Tower emblems

1 When going into the factory area go around the left side of the your Emblem will be on the side of the factory above you.

2 The first factory go to the second floor and near the stairs will be some big windows look inside and you’ll see a big flag hanging on the wall just above the flag is your next emblem.

3 In the second factory Before going into the room with the slaughter house key when you have five mannequins with spinning blades just before the door you’ll see your blue bin

4 In the Moira has to get a box to get to the next level by the ladder, you see the emblem on the wall.

5 After he opens the gate for you go down the stairs and go back on yourself in the water until you see a metal fence and the emblems is on the wall.

6 In the next part of the sewer Where are you have a platform next to ledge and you will be able to boost Moria onto the ledge. And when up there you will find a crate, put a metal crate onto the platform allowing Claire to climb up as well. As Claire look across to the next ledge and the emblem is between the boxes on the ledge.

Now you are on the ledge On the Follow the lead around to open the gate, as you will need to do this so Barry can go through the gate on his run.

7 In the graveyard you will see a bridge look under the bridge

8 As Barry go through the gate you opened in Claire’s game. It will have a sewer tunnel crawl through and there the next emblem

9 On the behind of sluice gate number 2 on the wall

10 At the quarry area just before you climb down the ladder look and you will see the next emblem

11 in the quarry area at the top of the scaffold the best way to see it is once you’re on the other side of the bridge. Walk on the edge and use your rifle to see it. In the picture it is just right of Barry’s shoulder.

Kafka drawing

1 before you go through the first shutter at the beginning of the level next to the shutter on the right side is the drawing

2 inside the first factory Go up to the second floor and on the right side of that floor next to the stairs is a bathroom. kill the monster hiding in the store and On the wall is the next drawing

3 in the slaughterhouse factory in the main hall there is a double doorway to the right go into that room you’ll find barriers in there. look at the wall next to the exit to the room and you find the drawing

4 after you jump out of the burning factory you will have the entrance to the sewers in front of you Sean the torch on the left side of the entrance

5 in the sewers do you have a broken pipe making a waterfall walk-through and shine the torch on the wall straight ahead at a slight up angle

6 just on the other side of the graveyard before you go to the next area. Go in the opposite direction where there is a dead end. And the drawing is on the wall.

Insect Larvae

Episode four

Tower emblems

1 in the room where are you meet Alex (overseer) on the right side of the room as you’re facing Alex on top of the shelf

2 on the outside of the tower as you start calming down the first platform you jump down. Stop and look at the underside of that platform and that your next emblem

3 Towards the end of the tower look at the centre shaft for the elevator and you should see the next emblem you can use a distance shot or wait until you get a bit closer

When you first get to the area with the two sluice gates before you go through the fence area take out your rifle and I’m at the light and it’s just above this was an easy one to miss

5 once you’ve got to the other side of the big crane on the platform closest to the side of the big crane go to the middle and use a sniper rifle and look at the big crane you should see the emblem on the lower part of the crane.

6 before the entrance to the mine you will see a mine track with a mine car on top get on the track and go to the last mine car and on the opposite side of the mine car you’ll see the emblem.

7 after riding the second mine lift when you leave the lift look in that room at the upper part of the Metal supports.

8 in the mansion under the stairs as you were going to the underground research facility

9 under the floor in the area where you get locked in until you kill all the monsters then you can use the lift

You can only get the emblem if you had Moria pick up the gun when playing as claire in the helicopter use the sniper rifle to look at the cliff face.

Kafka Drawing

In this episode, the first drawings are close together.

1 before you go to the next area after exiting the lift just by the door on the underside of the balcony above

2 in whiskers bedroom on the wall is a painting and the drawing is on top

3 after breaking and pushing the tank look on the floor where the tank was and that is your next drawing.

4 in the reactor room after the locked gate just before you go down the ladder on the wall is the drawing

5 when you get on the outside of the tower on the first platform before you jump on the wall ahead of you is the drawing

6 when you’re back inside the tower and walking on the ladder was falling down to make up at four before you get off the second one turn around and on the wall is the last drawing.

Insect Larvae

on its way

Grave Yard Puzzle

You are left with a Riddle to solve

To The first, you were always foolish. So you will have no grave.

So you have to find a grave without a gravestone. Then press X it will turn blue if correct.

To The second, you shall bear you visage upon your back.

So you are looking for a grave with its stipulation gravestone backwards.

To The third, you shall neighbour the fourth grave, by three and one row behind.

So first you need to find the fourth grave

What is the gravestone that is missing its head, and there is only one broken gravestone move three to the left and one row back. You will know if you have picked the correct gravestone it will turn blue.

After you have clicked on the last gravestone the gate will open and you can pick up the Machine gun

To The fourth you will lose your head

Looking for broken gravestone.


After completing an episode you can buy countdown mode and invisible mode for the episode


On its way

Game Cost

Steam = £9.59

PlayStation Store = Episode One Free & Season pass = £15.99

Xbox = Episode One Free & Season pass = £15.99

Second Hand

Cex = £6 – £12

Game = per owned = £14.99, PC download = £29.99 and Xbox download = £24.99

Game Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Game Type

Survival Horror


Console / PC

Ease of use

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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