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This page is for my fellow gamers who want to get the different challenges in the game. Whether it be finding all the goats where all the combinable treasures.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough The Prelude

Watch on You Tube

This Resident Evil village walkthrough will show you the locations of goats 1-4 and locations of File 1 – 8

Go to You Tube and look in the description. To find the time stamp of each item.

Challenges Completed

  • Cynic
  • Photographer
  • Push comes to shove
  • Goooaaal!
  • Patron
  • Crafter
  • Not Lycan This…..

Castle Dimitrescu Walkthrough Part 1

Watch on You Tube

In this video you will see the location of Files 9 – 20 and Goats 5 – 6. And also how to complete the Hooligan Challenge.

Treasures Found is this walkthrough

  • Crimson Glass
  • Wooden Angel Statue
  • Crystal Fragments
  • Ingrid’s necklace
  • Crimson Skull

Challenges Complete

  • Hooligan
  • Butter Fingers
  • Gunsmith
  • Petty Thief
  • Trick Shot
  • Get the Ball Rolling

Go to You Tube and look in the description. To find the time stamp of each item.

Castle Dimitrescu Walkthrough Part 2

In this Resident Evil Village Walkthrough you will find Goats 7 – 9 and Files 21 – 25. Outhouse locations as well.

Animals Found

  • Juicy Game
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Quality Meat
  • Poultry


  • Azure Eye
  • Sliver Ring
  • Luiza’s Necklace
  • Goat (body)
  • Madalina (body)
  • Cesre’s Goblet

Challenges Completed

  • That sucked!
  • Hunter
  • Medium Rare
  • Repairer

Go to You Tube and look in the description. To find the time stamp of each item.

Donna & Angie

Watch On You Tube

In this walkthrough you will find the location of goats 10 -11 and File location 26

Outhouse locations and treasure locations


  • Madalina (head)
  • Goat (head)
  • Steel Hraesvelgr

Go to You Tube and look in the description. To find the time stamp of each item.

Moreau, Walkthrough Part 5

Watch on You Tube

Part 5 you will find files 27 – 32 and Goats 12 – 14 view the walkthrough on You Tube to use the time stamps in the description.

In this walkthrough we will be going up against Moreau, we will find outhouse, treasures and more animals for duke’s recipes.

Animals Found

  • meat
  • fish
  • Poultry


  • Sliver Angel Statue
  • M1851 Wolfsbane
  • Chartreuse Skull
  • Pigeon Blood Ruby
  • GM 79
  • M1911 – High Capacity Mag

Challenges Completed

  • When you gota……. go

StrongholdWalkthrough Part 6

Watch on You Tube

We will find files 33 – 36 and goats 15 – 16. Please go to you tube and use the time stamps to find the locations of them.

We will be going along the river and through the stronghold.

Treasures found

  • Necklace with Two Holes
  • Large Pigeon Blood Ruby
  • golden lady statue
  • Berengario’s Chalice
  • Father Nichole’s Angel
  • Guglielmo’s Plate

Challenges Completed

  • Fast Reflex challenge

Animals Found

  • Finest Fish
  • Fish
  • Meat

Factory Walkthrough Part 7

Watch on You Tube

In the last part of the walkthrough we will files 37 – 47 and goats 17 – 20

Treasures Found

  • Mechanical Part (cylinder)
  • M1851 Wolfsbance – Long Barrel
  • Mechanical Part (Shaft)
  • Cigar

Challenges Complete

  • Quit Hanging Around
  • Get the ball rolling
  • Mapmatician
  • heretic
  • bookworm
  • Strip Miner

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