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With Shadow of memories is one of the game where you start with your character dies that the beginning of the game. After that you saved by mysterious being, you gives you a time travelling device. Which you will need to use to change your fate and the fate of others you meet.

This game has 6 main game ending A – E

This game come out in and is playable on Playstation 2, Xbox and pc     


Listen to the fortune teller she will help you.

Save Chapter 5 in a different slot and two saves of chapter 8, one with the answer that Margaret is not your ancestress and the other that she is your ancestress. This will help you achieve all the different ending in the game.

Don’t go back in time and touch yourself this will cause Game Over.


How to achieve all endings in the game

EndingChapter 5Chapter 8Outcome
AMargarete is your ancestressTalk to the fortune teller and homunculusYou see Dr Wagner again or is it?
BMargarete is your ancestressGo to the 1980 and talk to homunculusYou find out what homunculus did
BMargarete is your ancestressTalk to the fortune tellerYou find out who the fortune teller
CMargarete is your ancestressGo back to laboratoryyou decide to look at the stars by lying in the road
DMargarete is not your ancestressGo back to laboratoryYou will find out the beginning and the end.
EMargarete is not your ancestressAsk Dana to go back with you.

Then go back to the cafe in 2001 and pick up the note.

Go back to 1584 to the side of the city hall and talk to Dana.

Go back to the laboratory
Dana gose back while Hugo and Margarete go back to the past.

Ex endings

To get the extra ending you will need to start a new game after you have 5 of the main game ending.

And when you are that the prologue you will get option on which you can say. The options to pick are “I am Dead again” and “Oh homunculus”

And the game beings like before but when you about to leave the cafe you will stop and start looking under the table in search for the philosopher’s stone.

Go to the fortune teller after this go to the town square and watch the street performer. Then go to the bar talk to Hugo but do not go into the bar

Go back to town square and watch the street performer,

Then go back to the cafe and you will revive the philosopher’s stone and your lighter

Now go back to the bar and go in, once inside time travel to 1558

Like before when you can choose either the lighter or phone then follow Margarete

Game Cost

Cex: £3 – £15

EBay has it as well, but look around for the best price

Both places will only have second hand games.                 

Game Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Game Type



Console/ pc

Ease of use

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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