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So for compare to the remake, the stories being more or less the same, except Sherlock Holmes is a much more stable character and almost detached from human emotion with his jokes being very dry

The game starts with Watson, having troubles dealing with the past events of what happened during this adventure, with him trying to come with terms and then you go back to the beginning of the adventure.

It is worth playing Sherlock Holmes the awakening the original version for the difference between the original and remake. I enjoyed the surprise appearance of Sherlock Holmes arch enemy.

During the event that you need to type answers to Holmes’s questions, some of the questions have multiple answers.


The answers to the questions throughout the game

Q1 = Dock

Q2 = Switzerland

Q3 = Light of Abyss

Q4 = New Orleans

Q5 = Raccoon

Q6 = 56436 6134

Q7 = Stomach

The code for the safe in the house in French district

Top row on the safe: 1223 – Middle row: 2424 – Bottom row: 3426

Game Cost

CEX = £1

GOG.COM = £8.09

Steam = £8.99

Amazon = £6.89

Game Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Game Type




Ease of use

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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4 The Room

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