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You start Sherlock Holmes Chapter One on a boat travelling to Cordona ( an island in the Mediterranean) to visit Sherlock’s mother’s gravel with your friend Jon. It becomes clear petty quickly at Jon is not a normal friend and is there for a bit of light relief. But as you carry on playing game you get a sense that there is something darker go on.

And the beginning of the game having different link to doctor who, the books and the author himself Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Throughout the game you will be solving crimes, As well as finding out what happen to Sherlock when he was 10 years old and unlocking hidden Memories.

On the whole I enjoyed the game there is a lot of game play with the main storyline and you all so with murder cases to solve for the police as well other mysteries to solve. The Only down side is there are a lot of different symbols to remember for what sherlock should be doing But thankfully there is a in-game help system to help you.


Don’t try and rush through the game you are just going to miss a clue

When you go through the last door in the manor there will be no going back. So make sure you have done every thing you wanted to do done. Or make sure you have a save file before you go through the door.


The Hand-Me-Down

First of all you need to find the monument to Karim of the sliver hand. Which is at the crossing of Arnaut Street and Scarlet Street in the Old City. And follow what Jon says, You will then get the first riddle.

The First Riddle

A hand with treasure, a quest so sweet!

Stand where Eurus road and crooked street meet.

A few steps toward the mosque, left at the stairs,

And find the courtyard a wishing well shares.

So a simple riddle, when you find the location you will see Jon in the well you will need to concentrate on the well and you will see a brick, you can remove and you will get a second riddle.

The Second Riddle

You’re almost there, let’s not postpone,

You’re seeking an arc that’s made of stone.

Head east of the Old Ruins, my friend

It guards the ancients until the end.

So from the riddle you is to find a natural arc and it is east from the Old Ruins. The Old Ruins are in the South west of Grand Saray. under Silent Way. From there you just have to follow the pathway around to the east.

The Last Riddle

With old ruins beneath its feet,

Find a tree that treasures keep.

You may find only one small detail,

But that doesn’t mean that you have failed.

So you are looking for a tree above the old ruins. Follow the pathway back up, until to are above the old ruins. On the path you will come to stairs turn to your left and you will find the tree.

Treasure Island Stage 1

Clue NameTreasure Location
Long Bridge Old City Bridge on Scaladio side under bridge next to the tree
Short BridgeIn the park next to Legacy Theatre, south Scaladio
Bench on a pierNext to the Salacia Yacht, in south
Sandy ShoveNext to the observation point fast travel west of the old city bridge in the old city
High TowerHava Watchtower in the old city on map. You will need to go up the step next to the red wall and it is next to the crate track
Lion MonumentsHidden down a side street next to the Maltese bridge in Grand Saray
Snug Gazebo East of Stone Wood Manor in Grand Saray
Carriage in a yardIn the Harbour masters building next to Harbour Ave in Scaladio
Treasure Island Stage 1

Game Cost


Steam = standard £39.99 and deluxe £49.99

GOG.COM = standard £39.99 and deluxe £49.99

Playstation Store = standard £36.99 and deluxe £49.99

Xbox = standard £39.99 and deluxe £49.99

Game Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Game Type

3rd person shooter, Adventure, Action, Open World


console / computer

Ease of use

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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