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Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy is a spin off from Star Wars: Jedi Outcast. The game is set after the fall of the empire. With you playing as Jadan, Who is a student assigned to Kyle Katarn . Jaden is send out on mission and to learn the ways of the force.

This is one of the first games I played on PC and I love it. The freedom to design you own character, choose the grader, species and the clothes you will wear (I know not a lot, compared to today game). And you get to choose the out come of the game, go to the light side of the force or the dark side of the force. It is up to you.

With a great storyline and the film makers of the new Star Wars movie makers should take notes!


In the early games who have only one point in the game, where you did to decide the out come of the game. And that is weather or not to kill Rosh. Once this decision is made there is no going back, So save your game before hand.

If you are using cheats don’t have all force powers set too the highest setting because when you complete a level and move on to the next the game wants you to pick a force power to level up. And the game will crash.



When in the pause menu, press on the D pad Up then Down after that press L3, R3, L3. This will load up a cheats menu. Where you can turn god mode and so on.


When playing the game press shift and the button under the escape (Esc), this will drop the command menu. type in helpusobi 1 and pess the return key after that you will be able to enter different cheat into the system.

Cheat CodesResuit
undyinghealth set to 999
setforceall [1 – 4]You will get all force powers set to [1 – 4 ]
giveallgives you all weapons
setforce[name of force power] [1-3]sets the force power to a level
Cheats Table


On its way

Game Cost £7.19

Steam £7.19 or all five games for £19.53

Origins £7.19

Playstation Store £18.99

X Box £8.99

Hard Copy

Cex pc £1 and Xbox £6

Game Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Game Type

1st Person Shooter, Action advender

Ease of use

Rating: 3 out of 5.

You will spend a bit of time reassigning controls on the keyboard to get it to feel fluid when playing

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