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Yeah, they made the game based on the tv series and yes it’s weird. The game’s full title is Lost via Domus roughly meaning Lost: the way home.

throughout the game, you will come across characters from the TV series

And just like the tv show you get a “previously on lost”

I remember when I first play this game and by the end, I still haven’t got a clue what was going on.

And playing the game again. Not Much has changed it’s still a bit of a mindbender at the end of the game

You play a character who lost his memory and is trying to piece together what happened. You will have flashbacks throughout the game you have to use a camera to focus on the key moment. If you do miss it, the first time don’t worry. It plays on a loop until you get it right. you do have to worry about the zoom, focus where, as well as the timing of the photo.

Throughout the game, you’re have puzzles to work out. So you can continue with the game.


After completing the electrical panel, you can take the parts back out.

The numbers 4, 8 ,15, 16 ,23 ,42 when entering them into the computer remember to put a space between them.


Computer commands

Via domus

3 7 15 31 (63)

D – F – H – J (L)

2nd computer

26 17 20 11 14 5 (8)

Z X V T (R)

What number if god etc (493)

3rd computer

2 4 8 10 20 22 (44)

A B D E G (H)

Z X C V (B)

Game Cost

Game Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Game Type




Ease of use

Rating: 3 out of 5.

1 Night Book

2 Resident evil 0

3 Resident Evil Survivor

4 Resident Evil 4

5 Adventure Capitalist

6 The Room 2

7 The Room

8 Days After

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