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inFamous Second Son is a Playstation game was only design for the Playstation 4 and its new controller making full uses of it centre touch pad and in build speaker. That being said the uses of the speaker this great it follows with the game, no problems. But the same can not be said for the use of the touch pad it feels out of place in a middle of a fight having take your finger away from the buttons to swipe across the pad or to press it.

After that my other bug bearer are that the beginning of the game before your character gets his power the movement of him feels weird for example when you jump he seems to float in mid air and just dose not feel right of a normal human.

But as soon as you get your powers then the fun starts. with your first power being smoke what allow you to turn into smoke. and soon after you get your first karma option to be good or to be bad. where one decision will not change the whole game, it will change the immediate scene.

I will say once you are past the beginning and have your powers, and exploring Seattle. You will start getting into the game and find it hard to put your controller down. And I will go as far as to say please make a new infamous game for the Playstation 5. 🙏


Can be played on the Playstation 5

Decide that the beginning if you want to be good or bad

Gameplay / Walkthrough

on the way

Game Cost

Playstation store £15.99 – £24.99

Amazon £16.79

CEX £5

Game Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Game Type

Action, Adventure


Console Playstation only

Ease of use

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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