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In resident evil village there are a lot of challenges some you will get just by playing through the game. while others you will have to put more work into it.

How to complete the challenges in the resident evil village.

Easy Challenges

The Challenges you will get on the first play through

  • Not Lycan This…. : Survive the Lycan attack
  • Four Lords : Escape the Mine
  • That Sucked! : Defeat the mutated Dimitrescu
  • Got No Strings: Defeat Donna and Angie
  • Fish Out of Water: Defeat the mutated Moreau
  • Up Urs!: Defeat Urias in the stronghold
  • Temporary Measures: Place the Giant’s Chalice in the ceremony site.
  • Iron Giant Down: Defeat the mutated Heisenberg.
  • The Root of the Matter: Find the Megamycete in the underground ruins
  • Great Dad: Finish the story on at least Casual difficulty
  • Best Dad Ever: Finish the story on at least Standard difficulty
  • World’s Best Dad: Finish the story on at least Hardcore difficulty
  • Crafter: Craft an item in the Crafting menu
  • Patron: Purchase something from the Duke in the story
  • Petty Thief: Unlock a simple lock with a lockpick.
  • Hunter: Hunt an animal during the story.
  • Repairer: Combine a treasure into its complete form.
  • Trick Shot: Defeat an enemy from long range with the sniper rifle in the story.
  • Cynic: Destroy a Goat of Warding
  • Gunsmith: Equip a gun with a customizable part.
  • Butter Fingers: Make a Moroaica drop her weapon in the story.
  • Strip Miner: Remove all the armour from a Soldat Panzer in the story.

Challenges Which Need A Little Bit of Work.

  • Quit Hanging Around: Shoot down a Soldat hanging from the production line in the factory.
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  • Fast Reflexes: Knock a flaming arrow out of the sky with a close combat weapon in the story.
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  • Strategist: Defeat at least three enemies with one attack in the story.
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  • Goooaaal!: Move the ball from the Winteres’ bedroom into the study.

A simple challenge. After you put Rose in her cot, you will see a big yellow ball on the floor just move the ball into the adjoining room.

  • Squawk Shot: Shoot down 5 flying crows in the story
  • Photographer: Use Photo Mode
  • Push Comes to Shove: Push away an enemy after guarding the story.
  • When you gotta Go….: Open the door to every outhouse in the village in a single playthrough.
  • Hooligan: Break every breakable window in Castle Dimitrescu in a single playthrough

On Multiple Play Throughs

  • Universe’s Best Dad: Finish the story on at least Village of Shadows difficulty
  • Hobbyist: Craft 60 items in the Crafting menu
  • Survivalist: Craft 150 items in the Crafting menu
  • Master Survivalist: Craft 300 items in the Crafting menu
  • Cat Burglar: Unlock 15 simple lock with a lockpick.
  • Treasure Hunter: Combine all treasures into its complete form.
  • Poacher: Hunt 40 animals during the story.
  • Geologist: Shoot down 15 different valuable minerals.
  • Leader of the Pack: Take down the Varcolac Alfa in the story.
  • Timber: Defeat Urias during the first lycan attack when you enter the village.
  • Unstoppable: Defeat 30 lycans during the first lycan attack when you enter the village.
  • Entrapment: Defeat 20 enemies with other enemies attacks in the story.
  • Knives Out: Finish the story using nothing but close combat weapons.
  • Dense Dad: Finish the story without crafting any items.
  • Slob: Finish the story without moving items or using stack items in the inventory.
  • Thank you for playing!: Finish the story 3 times.
  • Tinkerer: Create every type of item available in the crafting menu.
  • Artisan: Collect every crafting recipe
  • Bookworm: read every single file in the story.
  • Don’t Trust That Snake Oil: Finish the story only using 4 or less recovery items.
  • Dashing Dad: Finish the story within 3 hours

Weapons Challenges

  • Down to Earth Defeat a samca with a landmine in the story
  • Head Trauma: Defeat 150 enemies with headshots in the story
  • Slayer: Defeat 300 enemies in the story.
  • Butcher: Defeat 600 enemies in the story.
  • Executioner: Defeat 1500 enemies in the story.
  • Pew pew: Defeat 200 enemies with handguns in the story.
  • Boom Stick Wielder: Defeat 100 enemies with shotguns in the story.
  • Sharp Shooter: Defeat 80 enemies with a sniper rife in the story.
  • Fire in the Hole: Defeat 50 enemies with grenade launcher in the story.
  • 30 Big Holes: Defeat 30 enemies with magnums in the story.
  • Dakka Dakka: Defeat 180 enemies with assault rifles in the story.
  • Pineapple Ace Defeat 50 enemies with grenades and pipe bombs in the story.
  • Mind Your Step: Defeat 50 enemies with mines in the story.
  • Veteran Gunsmith: Equip every gun with their customizable parts in the story.

Lord Challenges

  • Lady Killer Defeat mutated Dimitrescu in under 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • Hide and Seek Master: Defeat Angie in under 1 minutes 40 seconds
  • Sashimi: Defeat mutated Moreau in under 1 minutes.
  • Blitzkrieg: Defeat mutated Heisenberg in under 4 minutes.

Money Challenges

  • Lucky Number 7: Have 777,7,777 or 77,777 Lei in your possession in the story
  • Anniversary Present: Have 52,911 Lei in your possession in the story
  • Countdown: Have 54,321 Lei in your possession in the story
  • Make It Rain: Get a total of 8,100,000 Lei in the story.
  • Frugal Father: Finish the story without spending more than 10,000 Lei

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