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Get The Ball Rolling

To get the challenge get the ball rolling you will only need to complete one labyrinth in the game. I have added the other labyrinths just in case you would like to complete the other labyrinths.


There are four labyrinths in the resident evil village and each labyrinth relate to the four lords. So not surprisingly you are going to find them in each lord’s area. With a little extra twist, you will also have to find the balls to go in them.

The Flowers and Swords Labyrinth

Getting the Ball

The Ball is in oarar hall upper level next to a broken labyrinth and next to a breakable window.

To find this labyrinth.

This one is easy to find it is with Duke in the save room.

Solving the The Flowers and swords labyrinth

One of the easiest labyrinths in the game all you need to do is move the ball across the bridges and follow the path around. The only task is that at the end just before you are home and dry there are three-hole which is hard to see.

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The Sun and Moon Labyrinth

Getting the Ball

You will only be able to get the ball after you have killed Donna and Angie.

On the way back you will notice your original path has been blocked by a fallen tree and you will have to go around the other side of the house. In this area will find a tree on your right side and a treasure box on the ground with the ball inside.

To find this labyrinth.

After you picked up the ball go through the short flower tunnel and carry it along until you see a gate on the left side. Go through to the house and the labyrinth is inside.

Solving The Sun and Moon labyrinth

This labyrinth has sharp bends and moving barriers.

Try and control the ball by using the tilt of the board.

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The Mermaid Labyrinth

Getting the Ball

Once Moreau is dead, you have to get back to the area at the bottom of the windmill. (where the two pigs were/are. In there is a door you can only open with the crank, go through to the new area this will lead to Moreau’s laboratory.

The pathway will fork choose the right path this will that you across a bridge on the other side will be a shrine. and inside is the mermaid ball.

To find this labyrinth.

Go back to the area where/are the pigs and it is just passed the entrance to the windmill.

Solving The Mermaid Labyrinth

the mermaid labyrinth has a wheel you need to navigate across and a part of the path is missing.

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The Iron Horse Labyrinth

Getting the Ball

Getting this ball is a little bit to find.

After the first turbine, you stop you came to an area where you have to climb a set of stairs, just before you will see a mining cart. Push the cart out of the way and there is a crawl space, go inside. To find a case with the ball mold.

After completing the next sequence you will need to take the mold back to the casting machine.

To find this labyrinth.

This labyrinth is on level B4 through a doorway opposite the lift with duke in.

Solving The Iron Horse Labyrinth

This labyrinth is a little bit harder than the others, with moving bars that are designed to knock your ball off course, a moving platform and wheels to get across.

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