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This game has a great storyline, so well worth the price. And there are more titles in the series. Plus once you have finished the main game, you will have access to the extra game. Which is just has fun as the main game.

You start as a detective of the league of light and have the task of bringing your League of Light leader’s daughter back home. As she has gone to find Roland but before she went, she took the stone gauntlet.

Game Walkthrough


In-game collectables are scattered throughout the game. Below I will list them and there locations.

Character Figure/ OwlsLocationsYou Tube videoTime
Louise FigureBarn next to hot air balloonWalkthrough Part 1 02:53
1 Owl Barn wallWalkthrough Part 103:01
2 Owl Outside the barn on chimneyWalkthrough Part 109:53
3 Owl Inside the stone ponyWalkthrough Part 111:04
Stone WizardNext to the model of the castle Walkthrough Part 115:10
4 Owl At the main gate to StonevilleWalkthrough Part 1 15:23
5 Owl On the shield next to the window Walkthrough Part 117:22
6 Owl After you see the stone giant next to the candles.Walkthrough Part 126:54
7 Owl In the room next to the stone giant on first left pillar.Walkthrough Part 200:19
8 Owl In the boat on the left.Walkthrough Part 206:54
9 Owl When you get off the boat on the right above the stone Walkthrough Part 211:36
Jack FigureNext to the red statuette on the right.Walkthrough Part 213:21
10 Owl Centre of the screen in front of a tree.Walkthrough Part 2 14:09
11 Owl On the left under the gate way.Walkthrough Part 213:32
12 Owl On the platform next the hot air balloonWalkthrough Part 215:49
Leo FigureIn the hot air balloon next to the chestWalkthrough Part 216:48
13 OwlOn the arm of the mannequinWalkthrough Part 301:09
14 OwlJust before the entrance to the maze Walkthrough Part 3 05:54
15 Owl After Louise shuts the gate on the left roof Walkthrough Part 3 16:26
16 Owl On the pathway Walkthrough Part 3 23:18
17 Owl Above the gate on the right Walkthrough Part 3 32:23
18 Owl In the room with a crown on the table against the back wall Walkthrough Part 3
19 Owl Against the desk Walkthrough Part 3 35:52
20 Owl As a rug on the floor Walkthrough Part 3 41:09
Destroyer FigureNext to the box on the stall on the desk.Walkthrough Part 401:08
21 OwlJust above about the broken wallWalkthrough Part 401:16
Roland FigureClose to the story boxWalkthrough Part 403:02
22 OwlRight pillar Walkthrough Part 411:08
23 OwlUnder the desk on the right. Walkthrough Part 415:05
24 OwlGolden Owl on the rightWalkthrough Part 418:40
25 OwlAbove the skeleton Walkthrough Part 4 28:12
Corrupted Roland FigureUnder the skeleton right arm.Walkthrough Part 431:55
26 OwlThe area where you fight the destroyer on the left.Walkthrough Part 433:52
Collectables Table by Game Walker


  • You can use a custom level setting change to the difficulty.
  • Once you have completed the game you will be able to access the extra game. Which is a continuation of the story.
  • If you haven’t found every collectable, hidden in the game by the end. You have a second chance to find them.
  • All you need to do is, go to the extras menu and click on an empty or missing item/s in your collection. This will then take you back to the scene where the missing item is hiding. You will only be able to access this function when you have completed the game.
  • Once you have collected all the collectables in the game. You will be able to access a jigsaw puzzle.

Game Type


Game Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ease of use

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Mobile Game, PC game

Game Cost

Apple £6.99

Steam £7.19

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