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So I have enjoyed playing star trek legends but it does remind me of another game, star trek timelines. With that being said I still found it enjoyable and hard to put the game down.

The story starts with you being stuck in the nexus and needing to find out what or who is keeping you in the nexus.

You have to collect orbs to be able to summon different crew members to be able to fight for you. The crew member comes from all over the Star Trek universe.

Now with the update to the game, who can play player versus player? As well as being able to join an alliance. By joining an alliance you can take part in group fights against tougher enemies.

And now you can carry on the story onto episode 7.

I found playing the game without a controller easy and enjoyable.

Hope you found the review helpful, and hope you enjoy the gameplay.


Star Trek Legends Gameplay


When you want to take a break from the game remember to load your shuttle crafts all up with your crew members.

Once you finish the main game you can play the levels on a harder level.

Depending on your character level (for example to have captain Sisko who is very rare). This will mean any gear you equipped to your character can be levelled up to the same.

Game Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Game Type


Ease of use

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Apple Arcade

Game Cost

Has this game is on Apple Arcade. So it’s on a subscription, which is £4.99 each month or £49.99 each year.

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